Let’s Talk: Is Quantum Break good or bad?


Hello fellow gamers welcome to Let’s Talk. So if you have an Xbox One like me then you probably have seen those hype Quantum Break sections on the home page giving it a ton of praise and everything. Even television is telling us how great the game is  while showing off awesome game-play footage and what reviewers are saying about the game. But does it really live up to the hype? Well that’s what I’m going to talk about today so let’s begin


Quantum Break is a game created by Remedy Entertainment the same company that gave us Alan Wake (one of my favorite games ever) and Max Payne. The game is based around time travel, controlling time, and whole bunch of confusing stuff that I will never understand no matter how hard I try but despite all that its still entertaining. You play as Jack Joyce who I honestly cannot really talk about because the game never tells you much about him, the only thing we know is that he has an incredibly smart physicist  brother William Joyce (also missing)and he is going to meet up with his friend Paul Serene who is working on a time machine based on his brother’s work. To make a long story short something goes wrong with the machine both Jack and Paul get time altering powers time itself is falling apart.


Now that you have the gist of the story lets move on to gameplay since this a third person shooter you are allowed to carry three types of guns even though there are four empty slots. You get a pistol, assault rifle and shotgun and each type of gun has a different version you can pick up but you can only carry one type of gun at a time (ex: pistol, heavy pistol and burst fire pistol). Like I mentioned before you have a fourth weapon slot that you never use and it made me think it was reserved for a special weapon but sadly I never got one so that was kind of disappointing. In addition to your firearms you get a series of time powers: time vision, time shield, time blast, time rush, time dodge, and time stop. While they all sound ridiculous they’re actually pretty cool; time sense lets you see enemies and story items as well as upgrade nodes, time blast lets you focus your energy into a huge explosion which is great for clearing out multiple enemies, time rush lets you avoid danger by running through frozen time, time dodge lets you zip out of the way of gunfire in real time, time shield lets you block bullets and recovers your health and time stop freezes time in a specific spot on enemies or objects you can even fire into it at your opponents to cause more damage.

Ok now that I gave you a break down of the gameplay lets talk about where the game breaks down. One thing that really bugged me during my playthrough of the game is that even though its a third person shooter there’s no cover system at all, I mean I understand that the game is fast paced but when you’re zipping around and getting shot at taking cover is essential. The game tries to make up for it by making you auto crouch when you’r near a desk or wall but sometimes it works against you and causing you to eat a bunch of bullets. Another issue I had was the shooting, whenever I shot any kind of gun the recoil was insane most of my bullets missed and the aiming could have been improved but since I used my powers most of the time it didn’t really hurt my experience playing too much.

One thing that I did like that everyone is 50/50 on is the mini television show that plays after every completed act. The show gives a little background information about Monarch (the company that is trying to kill Jack) and the people that work for it. They’re all about 22 minutes long and for me it was fairly entertaining (mainly because of the SyFy network)  and it gave me time to relax after playing for so long. Now if you don’t want to watch it you can skip them but if you want to see what’s going on behind enemy lines then feel free to do so.


Honestly the music is the most forgettable thing in the game to me and I’m not saying that to be mean its just that when you’re zipping around shooting bad guys and blowing them up with your time powers trying to hear what’s playing in the background is last thing on your mind. There are real songs by artists when you complete an act but since I didn’t know them  I just skipped to the next level. The sound effects for the time fracture sections were ok the first few times, then as you progress it starts to get irritating especially if you have headphones in.


Despite what some YouTube game reviewers say about it Quantum Break is a good game its not the best, but its good.The game was a little over-hyped but it did not fail to entertain, if you own it then there might be the possibility of future DLC so just keep it on your shelf somewhere I feel like the story is far from finished and some loose ends might be tied up in possible future content. But If you’re just looking for a nice action game to rent then this is a good pick for you. And that’s my take on Quantum Break I will talk to you guys next time.

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Let’s Talk: Top 10 Favorite Boss Fights

Hello fellow gamers welcome to Let’s Talk. So I had a lot of fun making a Top favorite list so I came up with my Top 10 Boss Fights. As we all know boss fights are meant to put all your skills you’ve learned to the test, they also help progress the story, as well as allowing the player to learn about their adversary’s motivations and background. These fights are tedious, exciting and stressful but that’s what makes them so fun.

So without further ado let’s begin.

(Warning: Some spoilers!!!)

10. Cyber Errol/Terraformer ( Jak 3)


At number 10 we have the Terraformer probably one of the largest bosses in the Jak and Daxter universe. This monster made it on my list simply because of how you fight it in the early stages of the fight.  To damage it you have to shoot these tiny nodes around it legs and since there are six legs you know it will be a lengthy process. To add a little more difficulty into the mix you have to drive in a vehicle in the vast Spargus Desert the entire fight avoiding sand dunes, tiny explosives being dropped by the Terraformer, and avoid being crushed by the damn thing as well. The second half is simpler once the legs are taken out you have the battle Errol piloting the head atop its pyramid body. All you have to do is shoot the back of its head while dodging eco beams and head slams 3 times and you win. The battle is long but not so hard but fun nonetheless.

9. Reaper/Human (Mass Effect 2)


Remember when you playing Mass Effect 2 for the first time and you were wondering why the hell the Collectors were just kidnapping humans ? Remember when you got to the end of the game and actually got to see the result of their work? Yeah it was not a pretty site. Throughout the entire game we are given hints as to why humans are being taken but we aren’t given an exact cause. But everything starts to make sense once you reach the Collector Base. At the center of the base lies this monstrosity and it is not happy to see you at all. As big as this guy is he isn’t hard but it isn’t really easy either even on normal difficulty, not only do you have to deal with him but you have to deal with Collectors who may be mind jacked by the Collector leader. Your weapons and teammates also play a part in your success and if you don’t have the right load out you may as well start over the mission. To beat him you just shoot his eyes and his chest occasionally while avoiding his lasers and strikes at the platforms you’re on as well as getting rid of the Collectors that come in as reinforcements. This boss is visually stunning and a great final opponent for the game placing it in the #9 spot.

8. Alice (Killer is Dead)


Where do I even begin? Killer is Dead has got to be the weirdest, craziest, and wtf game I have ever played and I loved every second of it. I could not take this game seriously and I now that I think about it was never meant to be just like any Suda51 game like Lollipop Chainsaw *shudders*. Anyway the boss at #8 is Alice the first of many bosses in this game. When you first meet her she asks for your help in finding her sister in her house of madness. After exploring the house a bit you find her again, only you realize that there is no sister just her and after a terrifying exorcism inspired cut scene the fight begins. Alice is #8 because the fight with her is pretty fun, the music and environment really adds to fight since it feels like you’re in their domain it also has that anime vibe which makes it more engaging for me.

7.  Catherine (Catherine)


Yeah don’t let the cute face and slim waist fool you this woman is not what she appears to be. Catherine is #7 for a good reason the first reason is that she is seduced our main hero Vincent into having a drunken one night stand that results in nearly causing a rift in his current relationship with his own girlfriend Katherine. The second reason is that she is part of the reason Vincent has these recurring nightmares that force him to climb an endless tower of blocks to outrun his worst nightmares. Near the end of the game Katherine and Catherine get into a fight at Vincent’s apartment leaving the latter “dead”. After Vincent tries to get Katherine out of the house the couple realizes they are still part of the dream and Catherine is far from dead. Now this isn’t really a fight its more like a race against time, like every stage in the game there is a challenge or new obstacle added to increase the difficulty and the challenge is to guide Katherine with you up the block tower if she dies you lose.

6. Chakravartin (Asura’s Wrath)


Ah Asura’s Wrath just like Killer is Dead it has that same anime feel to it but way more over the top in both its dialogue and fight scenes. One of those over the top fights involve Chakravartin the Creator, based on his name you can tell he is the final boss. Chakravartin is #6 because the fight with him is nothing but a three part anime fight, all you do is punch him a few times until your meter fills up and you get a nice quick time event cut scene. The battle is honestly fun to watch as you go from the edge of time, to a weird pocket dimension, the actual universe itself, and then the final stage is nothingness. This fight would be in the top 5 somewhere but since the fight is so linear it missed the mark but if you watch it on Youtube you feel like your watching an actual anime.

5. Jeanne (Bayonetta) 


I love Bayonetta the characters are fun and interesting, the music is great and the enemies are diverse and unique. But out of all of them Jeane has to be my favorite opponent in the entire game and the reason why should be fairly obvious. Jeane is Bayonetta’s rival their, fighting styles are strikingly similar, they take funny little jabs at each other, and they have amazing battles that more or less ends in a draw. You battle her about five times in the entire game but the final fight with her is where the gloves come off. You start off fighting on solid ground trading gunfire, wicked weave attacks and then at some point you end up fighting on a rocket continuing your battle. Not only is Jeane stylish, sexy, and deadly but she also reminds me of another boss who is on this list.

4. Blue (Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow)


The original Pokémon games Red, Blue, and Yellow will always be the most memorable games to me since they allowed you to step into the world of Pokémon that you saw in the anime for the first time ever. Just like Ash Ketchum you play the role of a young trainer from Pallet Town who aims to be a Pokémon Master (only you have a better shot at it) and just like Ash you have your own jerk of a rival Blue. From the moment you get your first Pokémon and battle him with you knew he was going to be a pain in the ass, not only did he belittle you and your Pokémon but he would also have stronger Pokémon every time you face him which made it even more satisfying when you beat him. But the real smack in the face is when you finally beat the Elite Four and you hear Lance say that Blue became the Champion literally minutes or seconds after you made it through the four trainers. Blue is #8 simply because unlike the Elite Four who has a certain theme of Pokémon (Ice, Fighting, Ghost, and Dragon) he does not which raises the difficulty to impossible if you aren’t prepared and are low on potions. I remember nearly quitting because I could never beat him but on one glorious day I managed to pull through and I felt so accomplished once I got him it just felt good to make him feel ultimate defeat (that actually sounds evil).

3.  Solo Wing Pixy/Larry Foulke (Ace Combat Zero)


Before I begin if you haven’t had the chance to play any of  the PlayStation 2 Ace Combat games I highly advise that you pick them up from somewhere because they are incredibly awesome games and they hold up pretty well considering how old they are. Larry Foulke who’s call sign is Solo Wing Pixy is the wingman of Cipher the main character, together both of these Ace pilots were part of a huge scale war Belkin War liberating cities, destroying enemy bases, and shooting down other Ace pilots of the Belken Air Force. As the war dragged on Larry began to see the true horrors of war after a bombing mission and eventually he betrayed his own partner and joined the enemy’s side. The battle with Pixy is at #3 for a variety of reasons one is how the fight is executed, to beat him you have to hit the engine ports of his aircraft anything will else will be deflected and because the theme of the game contains medieval knight lore it can be seen as a jousting match between two knights. Another reason is because the final enemy of the game is your own friend, your wingman and its your responsibility to shoot him down making it an emotionally charged duel as you listen to him talk about his ideals and his conviction to remove all obstacles in his way including you. The last thing that makes this fight so great is the music as you fight the sounds of a choir singing in what sounds like Latin, a Spanish guitar and a female vocalist can be heard. Its a beautiful song that soothes you and gets your blood pumping at the same time and it makes it worthy of a great boss fight.

2. Vergil (Devil May Cry 3)


I don’t think this would be much of a boss list if Virgil wasn’t on it.  Virgil as we all know is the no nonsense brother of Dante who’s ultimate goal is to obtain his father’s power. Just by looking at Virgil’s calm and intimidating appearance  you can tell he will give a run for your money, each time you fight him he always ups his game just a bit. His sword Yamato is a dangerous weapon that can slice and dice you if you aren’t careful, his Beowulf weapon will K.O you if you aren’t fast enough and when he has the sword Sparda combined with Yamato you cannot afford to miss a step. Virgil is #2 because even if you upgrade your weapons and styles and have countless healing items, all of that wont matter if you cant keep up with his movements you have to be faster than him and try to predict his next move so you can prepare a counter  which makes each fight more chaotic than the last and more enjoyable and challenging as well.

1.Margaret (Persona 4)


And now we have finally reached #1 and who else to earn the top spot but the lovely and beautiful resident of the Velvet Room: Margaret. Margaret’s main role is to keep a record of all the Personas the main character has created over the course of the game and…that’s basically it. So why does she deserve to be #1 on this list? Well it turns out during your second cycle of the game if you manage to take out all of the sub bosses in each dungeon before you reach the end of the game as well as maxing out her social link, only then can you approach her and she will challenge you to a battle and what a battle it is.

Remember when I said you need to be prepared when I was talking about Vergil? Well you need to be extremely prepared for this fight, for starters you need to be at least level 88-93 to even last a few turns with her, second her arsenal of Personas are no joke each one has the strongest element and physical attack that will take at least half or 75% of your health if you aren’t careful regardless of your armor and the icing on the cake…you only have 50 turns to beat her if you don’t she will one hit K.O you. But if you manage to knock her health down to half she will always heal back to her 999 H.P and you have to start all over again but she only does this once so if you manage to get back down to low health you should be good.

I absolutely enjoy this battle because it is way more challenging than the actual last boss of the game Izanami. I never faced a boss that has made me so determined to beat it and Margaret pushed me to the limit, she forced me to plan everything for the fight from my Personas , my party members, even the kind of armor and items and I loved every minute of it  which is why she is my favorite boss of all time.

And there you have it my 10 favorite boss fights. If you enjoyed reading this please let me know and if want you can tell me your favorite boss fight I look forward to seeing your comments.

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Let’s Talk: Top 5 Creepy Characters

Hello fellow bloggers, gamer and anime fans welcome to Let’s Talk. In the spirit of Halloween I thought it would be fun to make a list of characters from games that I’ve played that really scared the crap out of me when I encountered them for the first time. Since this is my first Top anything list I’ll start small with only 5 characters and increase the numbers as more list topics pop in my head. So with no further ado lets start with number 5.

5. Weepers (Dishonored)


At first glance these guys look pretty normal. But if you happen to come across a groups of weepers get ready for annoying barrage of sickness being thrown at you by these rat plagued enemies. The reason why I placed them on this list is because of their creepy moans and weird movements. Watching them from afar made me feel uneasy about approaching them because I had no clue what they would do to me if I even got close, even when I play the game now they still make my skin crawl especially if you take a closer look at their open wounds, bug infested faces, and the look of anguish on their faces. If you ask me killing them is doing them a favor.

4. Boy of Silence (Bioshock Infinite)



You know for the majority of the game Bioshock Infinite was pretty normal compared to the previous games I mean the only bad guys you faced was regular guys with guns and robot presidents oh, and Songbird of course but other than that it was pretty straight forward. But then there’s the Boy of Silence. The boys of Silence are described as indoctrinated young men fitted with sense-enhancing helmets and are forced to act as watchmen. The primary function of the Boy of Silence is to act as an alarm whenever it spots intruders and its really terrifying when they spot you. If that’s not scary enough lets look at what they can do, if one happens to spot you not only do they make a terrifying sound but they alert an army of men in masks who will pummel you to death. But what hammers the nail in the coffin for me is 2 things: 1. You cannot kill them no matter what, and 2. You NEVER EVER see their faces. I’m well aware that curiosity kills the cat but I want to see what they look like, are they still human or has that helmet disfigured them in some way? We’ll never know.

3. Divider (Dead Space)



Ok before I even begin let me start off by saying this the most disgusting creature I have ever seen in the Dead Space series. It beats any boss or any other Necromorph and nothing will change my opinion of that. Sorry for the mini rant lets get back to why its creepy, well for starters the Divider is just a tall intimidating figure that looks like it’ll give you a hard time and it will if you’re not ready. Another thing that makes this thing creepy is its humanoid appearance in the first game all the necromorphs are barely recognizable  some look like animals or just plain monsters but this guy looks like someone you would know in low light of course. But of course we cannot ignore the creepiest thing about the Divider: his unforgettable ability to attack you after you dismember him…yup. If you didn’t already know the Divider is made of individual functioning necromorphs heads, arms, legs etc. each with the strong desire to kill you. They aren’t strong but seeing them crawl on the ground making horrible squeaking sounds is just wrong on so many levels especially the head necromorph who will not only strangle you but decapitate you and then has the audacity to take over your body and wear like a new suit. Gross.

2. Reborn Laura (The Evil Within)



Say what you will about The Evil Within, we all know it wasn’t as scary as we had hoped but you have to admit they tried with their creature designs and for me Reborn Laura worked the most for me. I mean who doesn’t love a multiple armed monster woman that has the ability to teleport and will chase you relentlessly am I right? Reborn Laura makes this list for not only being visually terrifying but just because of what she can do, like I said earlier she has the power to teleport (very quickly I should add) to your location at will and will most definitely catch you off guard, adding to her teleportation she can jump out of blood pools doesn’t sound impressive right? well imagine being chased by her and narrowly escaping her claws you take a moment to catch you breath until you see a benign puddle of blood that begins to bubble until SURPRISE!!! Laura is back and the chase is back on. Reborn Laura knows how to keep a chase tense and the fear of never knowing when she’ll show up to kill you makes her a creepy and terrifying monster.

1.Alma Wade (F.E.A.R)   



Coming in at #1 is none other than Alma Wade. I can honestly say no character in any other video has made not only scream in sheer terror at the sight of them but caused me to turn the game off and go cry in a corner, not to mention making me question if I saw a little girl standing there in the dark. Alma’s creep factor is through the roof and her actions and abilities just seem to amplify them. She’s honestly unpredictable seemingly attacking, taunting, violating, and even protecting you on some occasions. As creepy as Alma is her backstory is tragic gifted with psychic powers at a young age she was used as a test subject by her own father, to make matters worse she was impregnated with embryos that contained multiple genetics of many donors including her father. Eventually giving birth to two sons they were taken away from her and she was locked in the Vault where her physical body would remain until she finally died. Now thanks to her powers she can walk the physical plain and unleash her anger on those who ruined her life, she can disintegrate anyone, control minds, create phantoms and even bend reality creating what is known as the Almaverse. This creepy girl may be small but she is as powerful as they come and that is why she deserves the number one spot.

And that concludes my first Top 5 list if you have some favorite creepy characters leave them in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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Let’s Talk- Persona 5 Trailer *UPDATE*

Hello fellow bloggers, gamer and anime fans welcome to Let’s Talk. A few days ago the Persona 5 trailer was released and there was a lot of things to talk about. What had my attention the most was the main personas of the other party members as well who the mystery boy was who was briefly shown. Well leaked information reveals the name of mystery man as well as the personas of everyone, I found this information on PesonaCentral.com so click here if you want to read more.

Before I begin I will say that although this game seems to follow a thief theme, the Personas of the cast does not seem to reflect that. However its a good idea to keep in mind that if you manage to max out your social links with your party members, their personas evolve into different and stronger forms maybe then they will fit into the theme of the game. We’ll just have to wait.


Starting of with Ryuji again his Persona is Captain Kidd a famous pirate.



Anne’s Persona is Carmen probably based of the famous opera.



Morgana’s Persona is Zorro a famous fictional character.



And finally the name of the mystery boy is Yusuke Kitagawa and his Persona is Goemon he is confirmed to be one of the your party members.



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Let’s Talk- Persona 5’s New Trailer

Hello fellow bloggers, gamers, anime fans, etc. Welcome to Let’s Talk. Its been quiet on my site for a while (thanks College) but I have managed to make some time on here to go over the new trailer that has just dropped for Persona 5, and I can honestly say that I have never been so excited from viewing a trailer nor have I been so close to crying due to how excited it made me. So without further ado lets begin.

So right off the bat we are thrown into what looks like Egypt with all of our protagonists running down the side of a pyramid escaping its destruction, at the same time our female hero Anne Takamaki is having what looks to be a comedic argument with their furry friend Morgana in which the feline loses since Anne launched the feline into orbit. So what I like about this part is that it shows that we may be able to travel the world somehow or perhaps the area they are in is not actually Egypt but a replica, think back to Saki Konishi in Persona 4 when she entered the Midnight Channel her environment there became the shopping district so it could be something like that but on a bigger scale who knows?

At this point I think I’ll breakdown everything that happens afterwards into categories it should make things easier to take in one at a time.


Visually this game looks amazing the in-game models have been vastly improved but that shouldn’t be too surprising. The characters have a look similar look to Catherine which I can appreciate, the style change makes them look more lively and human. The Personas and Demons have a more solid look to them and appear to be more animated as well,  which is something I secretly wished for. This game also seems to be following in the steps of Catherine with its possible inclusion of longer animated cut-scenes  which to me is great, I mean let’s be honest didn’t you want some of the cut-scenes in Persona 4 to be a little longer especially during boss intros?


When it comes to exploring Inaba or Port Island there really wasn’t that much to explore, however in Persona 5 that may all change. Looking at the trailer it looks like the city the game is set in is open to explore. You can take the train to possible other locations, explore alleyways, your school, all while overhearing other people’s conversations which could possibly have helpful hints hidden within if you pay attention close enough. Weather is still part of this game, perhaps there maybe instances of weather specific missions just like in Persona 4 or areas that can only be accessed during rainy weather these are all just guesses but its Atlus so who knows what they’ll do?

3. Main Cast Personas

So we finally get visual confirmation of all the main personas and they are all amazing. One thing I never noticed while playing Persona 3 and 4 is that the main Personas of the main cast follow the theme of the game, for example: Persona 3 has Greek inspired personas (Orpheus,Thanatos, Ceasar) and Persona 4 has Japanese inspired personas ( Izanagi, Takemikazuchi, Susano-o). Now since the main protagonist’s persona named Arsène is based on a thief it would make sense that the rest of the characters personas are based on thieves lets take a look.


Up first is Ryuji Sakamoto whose persona resembles a pirate riding on a mini-pirate ship. Now I’m not sure which pirate he’s based off of but I don’t really care all I know is he looks awesome and comical at the same time.



Anne is next in line with a persona who looks exactly like her only her persona wields two huge fireballs. Maybe she will be a Yukiko type character who heals and uses powerful fire attacks as well or maybe something completely different.


And last but not least Morgana. In both Persona 3 and 4 there was a furry party member who could use a persona Koromaru and Teddie. Their personas closely resembled to an extent but Morgana is in a whole other league. Our feline friend’s persona is what looks to be a  giant knight wielding a rapier. This honestly proves that big things come in little packages.

4. A mysterious male



For a brief second we see this guy an unknown persona user. Whether he’s a friend or foe is to be determined but judging by the trailer he does not look like someone you would want to piss off. His persona is also unique it resembles a kabuki actor ( yes I had to look it up) but don’t judge a book by its cover since it was shown to handle to demons with no problem at all.


I could go on and on about everything in this trailer but I won’t. This game is going to be great and we all know it, when it comes to making JRPGs Atlus is one of the best at delivering a solid game. If you have played any Shin Megami Tensai games such as Digital Devil Saga, Nocturne, Devil Summoner, or any of the Persona games you know what to expect and if you haven’t I highly recommend that you do.

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Lets Talk – My feelings on Dishonered 2

So this year I completely ignored E3 and all the new game announcements they had because I lack an Xbox One Or PlayStation 4 and it was probably the worst decision of my life seeing as how I missed the Dishonored 2 trailer in all its glory. I came across this game while flipping through the pages of a Game informer magazine and my mouth fell open when the word Dishonored was followed by the number 2.

For those who aren’t familiar with the first Dishonored you play as Corvo Attano whose main duty was to serve as Lord Protector of the Empress of Dunwall and her daughter Emily. After returning to Dunwall (the main hub for the game) from his latest mission, things take a dark turn when the Empress is murdered and her daughter is kidnapped by mysterious assassins who pin the blame on you. Your mission is to now find out who wanted to kill the Empress, save Emily, and clear your name. Now I could go into further detail but I prefer not to spoil the game if you haven’t played it already.

So lets talk about this trailer that focuses on Emily who has grown up since we last saw her and she has learned some new tricks as well. Starting off with Emily’s debut trailer we see that the new setting may not be in Dunwall or maybe it is just in a different section of the city, another observation is that there maybe hazardous obstacles, like that dead body filled with bugs (great). Up next we see an unknown assassin entering the home of an upper class citizen possibly someone who holds great power within the city. We then see them attempt to kill this person only to be thwarted by mechanical guards with four arms, ok before I go on this is a cool change because in the first game there is a type of robot guard but you rarely see it unless you go on a killing spree, so I like that there are going to be new enemy types this time around. Getting back on track we find out that the target of this assailant knows her name: Emily from the first game. After a little bit of dialogue we are treated to Emily going toe to toe with these new mechanical guards showing off some new skills and weapons that might appear within the game, and after evading some useless traps the trailer ends with her scoring her first kill.

Like I said before if you haven’t played this game before I highly recommend you play the first one before this just so you know what’s actually going on with the characters and the city since they are driving force behind the game. I will say though that this sequel announcement caught me completely off guard mainly because it didn’t give off a sequel vibe like Assassin’s Creed it felt like a game that you would play and forget about forever.

My feelings towards this sequel are mostly positive there weren’t that many issues with the first game that needs an upgrade except for maybe a slight tweak in the combat and stealth mechanic but overall it looks good so far and I cant wait to see what they do with this one.

Lets Talk – Will Assassin’s Creed Syndicate save the series?

As some of you may know already Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is the next installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise and honestly I have no idea how to feel about this game. I have seen the trailer for it and visually it looks amazing as all the trailers for the previous Assassin games usually do but that doesn’t convince me it will save this slowly sinking ship.

Now Assassin’s Creed greatest strengths is the story and just by playing the 1st game you can tell that the story outweighs the actual gameplay. The games focus around an ancient battle between two factions: the Templars and the Assassins fighting over mysterious relics known as the Pieces of Eden sound interesting yet? The antagonists are the Templars who want to use the Pieces of Eden to enslave the world through mind control while the Assassins fight to stop them. You play as the main character Desmond Miles a bartender/assassin who was kidnapped by the Templars and forced to enter into a machine that allows the user to relive the lives of the ancestors to locate other Pieces of Eden. In the second installment of the game however, the story goes in an entirely different direction. Now instead of looking for items that can control people, our hero has to deal with an ancient civilization’s warning of an impending solar event that will destroy the earth and being the savior of the world. Keep in mind this is only the first two games and we’re far from finished sadly I would say that after the second game concludes the story begins to take a backseat and the gameplay starts to overshadow it.

To summarize the stories of the filler games AC Brotherhood and AC Revelations as well as the third game I’ll just go over the endings and then conclude after that. In Brotherhood certain events occurred that resulted in Desmond killing one of his friends against his will causing him to fall into a coma. In Revelations Desmond is still in a coma trying to put his mind back together with the help of the Animus the machine that lets you relieve past memories, and eventually awakens to save the world with that solar event I mentioned earlier close at hand. In the third game our hero meets an unfortunate end when he chooses to sacrifice himself to save the world from destruction. But despite the fact that Desmond is dead more games were made. In AC4, Rouge, and Unity you no longer play as an Assassin but as employee for the Templars going through the genetic memories of a deceased Desmond and this is where my fears come into play.

*Phew* I know I talked a lot but I needed to in order to get my point across and that is Assassin’s Creed trading in their quality for quantity. I feel as if Assassin’s Creed is starting to look like Call of Duty and everyone should know what that means a new game every year that is more or less the same only with a different title. I have a feeling that this series will never truly end, it will continue to shove out a new game until they run out of ideas, and with these rushed games comes with ridiculous glitches (image below) that could have been avoided if more time had been put into the game. But I do have high hopes for Liberation, I absolutely love this series but I just want this game to be done right and let there be an actual conclusion to all this. At this point any fan would probably ask is there a conclusion to all this? who wins and who loses? We are nine games in and none of these questions have been answered yet, but who knows maybe they’ll surprise us with this game.

Tell me what you think will Assassin’s Creed Liberation save this series or will it be another buggy game just like Union?



image source:http://bgr.com/2014/11/14/assassins-creed-unity-glitches/